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In medieval times, the hortus conclusus was an enclosed garden where flowers, food plants and medicinal herbs were cultivated.

Similar to a library, it was found in monasteries or cloisters, and served as a repository of knowledge, as well as a place of refuge for people, plants and wild creatures.  

On my website, you will find resources about:

  • medicinal herbs and community gardens

  • the nature activities I facilitate

  • my journey with plant medicine and green care

I hope they will inspire you.


My goal as a writer and healer is to help repair the relationship between humanity and nature.

What I do
On the Desk

Writing and editing

My journalism has been published in The New York Times Book Review, and Forbes India, and Art & Auction magazine.

I have worked as an editor and communications manager at a variety of companies.

Conference Event

Nature activities & events

I offer a range of outdoor and hands-on workshops for individuals and groups in Berlin. (Find out more on the Nature activities page.)

I also moderate panel discussions and create custom playlists for events.


I hold a Gardeniser Pro licence, an EU qualification for the organisation and management of community gardens.  

Hanging Herbs

Herbalism and green care

I hold a certificate in green care from IGT Berlin, and I studied European herbal medicine with Nikki Darrell at The Plant Medicine School in Ireland.  

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